It is a joy growing together with Millie (or “little Millie” as we affectionately call her).  A day after she arrived from Australia as a 3-month old baby, she met her teacher, Kristina and embarked on her learning journey with the school.  Not only is she is a proud graduate of the Puppy Start Right Preschool, she is also our first day-school student, during which she completed the Family Dog (Beginner) programme with flying colours and also found her BFF, Milly, who is a retriever from Australia as well.  While little Millie is no longer so “little” now, she still think that she is a small puppy and frequently leap towards us (toppling us during the process) for an affectionate hug and cuddle!Millie_20150713_Tunnel
photo 2 photo 22Millie_20140617_Paw20150318_Millie_andMilly

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